self portrait

"Are you going to San Francisco? Will you wear a flower in your hair?" have always been favorite song lyrics of mine. Due in no small part to the amazing and formative years I called San Francisco home. The years weren't many but they were enough for me to taste the freedom of being myself and becoming who I was meant to be.

This self portrait was the direct result of f'ing up a canvas that I had no desire to throw away nor re-gesso. So I stuck it out of sight for a rainy day project. Well that rainy day came way sooner than expected and in a flash of inspiration I knew it had to become a self portrait. And voilà! The trees that keep me grounded, that water that reminds me life is always moving and changing, the mountains I have climbed (both literally and figuratively), the flowers that remind me to find beauty in everything, and the stars that I keep reaching for: everything a part of me.

My hope for you is to find a piece of yourself in what surrounds you and that you love it and feel inspired.