need blue paint

this is an ongoing project that explores the fundamental relationships between the arts, the humanities, and commerce. stay tuned for updates.


curiosity killed the cat

This is the first piece in this ongoing exploration I've titled  "need blue paint". And while there is no blue paint in this piece it does explore the affects of language and the decisions we make to bring our dreams to life. Or not.

11 x 17 mixed media on gallery board with resin $800

curiosity killed the cat

This was a saying I grew up with. Whenever I would ask my mutt or Oma a question that they didn't want to answer they would respond with this little nugget. On the flip side, when they would ask me something that I wasn't sure how to answer and simultaneously save myself from the certain fires of hell, they would ask, "cat got your tongue?" So I learned from a young age to temper my curiosity and not love cats. 

I often wonder what kind of curiosity causes people to take risks that are difficult to recover from. What makes some people so curious that they end up losing everything? Or at least everything that doesn't fit on their back or in a shopping cart. Is it out of simple curiosity to plunge a needle into your arm or stick a straw up your nose those first few times? Or does that curiosity stem from a driving need to rid oneself of discomfort and uncertainty? To blot out the pain and suffering of existence? Was my Oma trying to protect me from my own curiosity? Or was she simply too busy to deal with a small child's desire to better know the world around her? Either way, I did learn how to be curious. It took a great deal of persistent mindfulness to move from constant judgement about people and things into the more gracious space of curiosity. And I did develop a love for cats. And the journey to both was well worth the effort.

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